One important lesson I have learned lately in my life is to get the most out of travelling, and I always try to remind myself of the lesson whenever I visit another location or country.

In the past years, I had been lucky enough to be able to live in various countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, the U.S. and most recently Thailand. In the U.S. particularly, I was even luckier to have been surrounded by friends who were kind enough to show me around several States – Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and New York – which I would have never thought of visiting by myself if I had not come across those folks in my life.

In retrospect however, I realised I took those moments as granted. I did not really appreciate the beauty of the world I was living in, nor was I intelligent enough to realise I always had friends and family members supporting me behind the scenes and providing me with numerous opportunities.

A little experience like fishing on a boat in the middle of a pond in Mississippi in USA might sound like any daily routine to some people. Still, considering the fact that I spent most of time in a metropolitan environment without any exposure to any wilderness, it was one of the truly rare, refreshing experiences. However, not until later in time did it really occur to me I was lucky enough to have such an experience in USA because without those who gave me the opportunity, I would have never been able to enjoy the rare, refreshing moment in my life.

Therefore, whenever you are in another location or country, it can be a good tip to step back from what you are doing for a moment and take a look at your surroundings. This can potentially allow yourself to realise something you may otherwise not realise, and it can also allow yourself to enjoy and appreciate the moment you are living through. 

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