When we think of travel, we often associate it with “travel for vacation”, where we take a break from our study or work to travel. This is common as we want to stay way from our hectic life and enjoy the beautify of the world we live in. However, travel can be arranged for other purposes too, not just for vacation, and below are the most common travel arrangements:

Travel for business: Travel for business happens when a company offers its employees to travel away from their office to work on an assignment or project. One example is a sales professional who is asked to travel to another city to meet a customer and close a deal. The length of travel for business can be a few days to a few weeks, depending upon the complexity of an assignment or project. Travel for business can offer some opportunities for employees to develop their technical and professional skills.

Travel for academia: Travel for academia happens when one gets enrolled in an educational institution, often in another country, to learn a particular language, to obtain a particular degree or both of them at the same time. Travel for academia often involves a great deal of paperwork for obtaining VISA and lasts for a few years. However, when one successfully completes his or her study, it can usually open up doors for greater employment opportunities.

Travel for exploration: Becoming more and more common, especially among younger people, is travel for exploration, which happens when one hops from country to another to explore the world. Besides travel for business or academia, travel for exploration is often haphazard, so it does not come with any set of plans. It can entail the exploration of food, scenery or wilderness and can last for a few days to a few months. Travel for exploration can often help us reduce life stressors as it allows one to physiologically and physically stay away from the life routine and enjoy an untapped moment in life. Nevertheless, it can also be dangerous to haphazardly travel to a place where one is not really familiar with, so caution must be exercised.

As shown, we travel for various reasons in life. Often times, it comes with a great deal of excitement as well as exhaustion. However, when we travel, it brings us some handsome rewards that we otherwise never get to experience. By travelling, we can also allow ourselves to learn something that may turn out to be different from what we know from books or the Internet.

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