I was originally born in a country called Malaysia, and my family later moved to Japan where I spent a good amount of time growing up. Throughout my childhood, I had been fortunate enough to get a little taste of what it meant to live in different countries and with people from different cultures. It was during this period of time I built my interest in travelling.

In 2010, shortly after graduating from high school, I realised my view was somewhat very limited. At the same time, I also understood that my language skill was not acceptable enough to get me to where I had to be. It was then I decided to put myself into an extensive language learning programme to allow myself to move onto the next level.

In 2011, I managed to land in Florida, USA, for getting into college, and in 2015, after four years of intensive cramming of academic materials into my small brain, I finally graduated from college with a degree in accountancy and fly back to Japan.

However, my life took another turn shortly after coming back to Japan, and I ended up in Thailand – a country where I had never been to before. Being in a country where I knew nobody was a strange experience, but somehow the fact that Thailand was located next to Malaysia (a country where I was born) reduced my fear of being in a foreign country and let me stay calm.

As you can see, my life up until this moment has never rested at any one particular location, which in turn allows me to learn things I have never been able to learn in my school days. That is why, I believe travelling can allow anyone to expend his or her horizon and acquire some new knowledge and experience by engaging with different environments and people.

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