Welcome to Kenny’s Odyssey!

My name is Ken Kimura, and it is a great pleasure to have you here at Kenny’s Odyssey.

Kenny’s Odyssey is dedicated to sharing with people across the globe my personal experience gained through travelling to various countries.

A number of professional travel bloggers focus on the pursuit of unique local dishes or sightseeing spots, but my focus is on the pursuit of learning.

When we refer to the concept of learning, it is common among us to associate it with some type of traditional learning, such as exchange programmes or language courses.

It is still in my interest to touch onto the traditional way of learning. However, my primary focus is rather on the informal learning we can have from travelling to a different country and living, working or studying there.

My experience may not be applicable to some who intend to travel to a place where I, myself, have never been to yet. Nevertheless, I hope my blog can be one useful source of information for those who are about to kick off their odyssey.

I hope you get to enjoy my blog, and I wish you all the best with your odyssey.

Yours faithfully,

Ken Kimura

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